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What you should look for in an furnished apartment in Goa

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Negotiate an apartment Lease and When to Walk Away


Since an apartment lease is like any other contract, it can be negotiated to suit the tenant more than the landlord, just as long as the landlord agrees to the negotiations.
You have to know the rules of the area and have other knowledge before negotiating. If the apartment you want is the only one around, you should tread lightly since the landlord has leverage over you
If you know the landlord has difficulty gathering tenants, you can use this to your advantage


An easy way to get cheaper rent is if you are willing to get yourself a long term rent contract, this may not be advisable if you have to suddenly leave because you’ll end up losing a lot.
You have the ability to negotiate every clause in the agreement and use various ones to your advantage. Use clauses like no pets allowed and try to get your rent down since you aren’t allowed something. Begin with the ones you care about, than use the others to negotiate just to get your rent down.
If you are dealing with a company, the people showing you around may not be in the position to negotiate or may have very little wiggle room, don’t try there.


Check all the terms and conditions of your lease, sometimes they have a clause stating, if you want to renew your rent agreement after a year, the rent automatically increases by a fixed percentage. Make sure you don’t get such a deal.
The best negotiating position to be in is the one where you have the upper hand and can walk away, but keeping in mind the times, you might end up walking away from a good deal and not get something similar.

How to Compare Apartments in Goa before renting them

For those that want to rent an apartment but renting may not as easy as it may seems. Here are a few tips on comparing apartments in Goa before renting them.

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The terms and conditions of your lease
Check all the financial terms and conditions of your lease agreement and make sure you compare them. This is the most important condition in the entire agreement as it determines the amount you are going to be paying. Check whether utility bills, electricity, water, or others are included in the rent you will be paying or if you will have to pay them separately. Accordingly calculate the rent and compare with other apartments you might find. Find out how you’re landlord or lady deals with late payment, many times they are considerate and they don’t charge you extra, but there are exceptions. Find out about payment for all the amenities that came with your place, like the parking lot, may be the use of the pool, if there is one and so on.

Don’t forget to add the security deposit you hand over before you get the place. Make sure you calculate this in the total amount so you know exactly how much you are investing in one particular place. Other amounts to calculate into this would be the application fees and the nonrefundable pet deposit fees. You might find these amounts insignificant but you have to account for them all the same as they add to the total cost of the place. While you are calculating these, consider whether you have to actually pay these amounts. If you are allergic to pet, or for whatever reason, don’t want them. Furthermore, what if you have to leave before your term is up. Do you still pay for the whole year or depending on your contract? These are all the questions you need to get answers to.

Check out the neighborhood before you move in so you know whether you find it safe or livable, you might have an issue with the smallest thing making it a constant annoyance. Furthermore, make sure you have good access to public transportation, within reasonable distance from shops and bazars, and most importantly, it has to be within reasonable distance from your place of work.

Now that you have sorted your location, make sure your place is equipped with the minimum safety features, basically the stuff necessary to keep you alive. Fire extinguisher, emergency exit and proper lighting. It would help if you could get some good locks for your main door. Some apartments come with various amenities, make sure everything you are paying for is functional, especially if you are paying for a basketball court, or swimming pool.

After you have noted everything down, you start comparing everything you have seen. Start by listing features, amenities, prices and distance from everything. Remember to weigh the pros and cons, don’t make it one sided. Make lists of the reasons why you want it and why you don’t. Looking at all this information together would make it easier for you to narrow down on an apartment.

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Choosing the Right Apartment to Rent Before you finalize

People find apartment searches overwhelming all the time and start talking to others who they feel know more about this than they do, however real estate managers and brokers just mention what will benefit them.

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Here are a few tips that help with choosing the right apartment before finalizing on the one you rent. If you are in Goa, you know that it is a tiny state and there are beaches everywhere, but you don’t need an rental apartment by the beach. These are not only expensive but you can usually get to the beach in under an hour. Make a list of your necessities, with the apartment you want to buy and nothing else, don’t add anything that isn’t a necessity to this list. from cooking spaces to surrounding areas, here is a quick guide to get you started.

The most important things to keep in mind before finalizing on an apartment

Make sure you are conveniently located within proper distance from everything you require. You should have shops, malls and recreation activities and most importantly your work or school in close proximity of your place.

Your place should be comfortable as you are spending quite a lot of money on it. Pay attention to what you require and what you want, it is probably a bad idea to sacrifice something you require for something you want. Make sure you have everything you require, and on top of that, if there is something you want, and you have the extra cash, go for it.

Now for the smaller but reasonable points since you are spending a lot of money and you are going to be staying here.

Your apartment should be spacious and shouldn’t have any obstacles in the way. Make sure you don’t have a pillar holding the entire building passing through the center of your living room. Furthermore, you should account for less room in your apartment as you may have to get furniture in, if you don’t already have any.

Bathrooms & Kitchens
These areas of your rental home are comfort zones in your home. Ensure that they have been previously well maintained, clean and meet your practical needs.

Make sure you have a proper garbage disposal system and you get your stuff sorted out regularly. Furthermore, you should have a proper laundry system, if you don’t have a washing machine in your flat. The apartments in Dona Paula usually come with them but I don’t think that goes for everything.

At the end of the day, you should trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right about some place, you should probably not go for it. If you are investing that much time staying here, you should be comfortable. If you feel spending those few extra bucks would make you happier somewhere else, it is definitely worth doing, as long as you think it is a smart investment.

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